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Website SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Website SEO (search engine optimization) is the way in which the visibility of a website can be found in a search engine's organic/non paid results by optimizing key words, adding content and pic sizes. Optimizing a website is vital, since most people will look for your site by first entering a set of keywords into a search engine, and then reading through the displayed results on the search engine's first page. Some may hunt through the second page and possibly the third but few people go much beyond the fourth page.

If for example you were looking for a company who do heating and boiler repairs in London, you would go to a popular search engine like Google, Yahoo Search or Ask Jeeves and enter "boiler repairs London" and you will find the local heating engineering companies listed. Those companies at the top of the list are either sponsored or there thanks to search engine optimization.

Fresh content on your site is imperative; add new articles, blogs and updates to your website to keep its relevance. Adding keywords helps your site move up the search optimization rankings. But it's not just content that you should be concentrating on, backlinks are vital and very important to drive traffic to your website. If your site is running those Java Script drop down menus, make sure you have text backlinks on there (not just images or avatars), as this will help those spiders to crawl through your content and optimize the content for better page rankings.

There is no need to concern your self too much with page ranking; it is little more than a piece of algorithm that does not necessarily affect the search engine optimization of your site. To have your site benefit even more from SEO, it should always make use of social media. Using Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and popular social media websites will help immensely drive traffic to your website. Social media web pages are popular, so your content on these sites aids in the optimization process.

SEO is basically an organic internet marketing strategy, which loves to take on board how search engines actually work. Why do some businesses find its way to the first pages of a search engine's results pages? What makes that one website more popular than another? It is all down to how well the optimizing of your keywords, fresh content and backlinks has been administered.