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Fresh Content for your Website

Fresh Content for your Website and Blog

SEO and Fresh Content for your Website and Blog are extremely important. Major search engines like Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo Search. All focus on blogs or websites that have regular quality content added. Fresh content for your website, Relevant information, and regular updated blogging are most important when improving your SEO and will result in your company website making its way up the search engine rankings.

So, just why is it so important to have your company website or blog right up there on page one of a search engine's results? The simple answer is customers will come and visit whichever websites are at the top of the list on page 1. Imagine a royal princess on tour who approaches the waving and enthusiastic crowd kept firmly behind a metal barrier.

She approaches to crowd who all want to touch her and offer her flowers. The ones in the front row will surely be lucky to shake her hand and some from the second row might be able to touch her too; as for the third row of well-wishers, they may be very lucky if they force through their fingertips and get a lucky reach. The royal fans in the fourth row and all the rows back have little or no chance.

It's pretty much like this on Google: businesses and blogs on page one (row one) will get all the business with some going out to those on page two and beyond this most will give up after page four. So, what does your business need to do to make Google happy enough to make it want to automatically put you near the top?

Consistency is important! The longer you leave a website or blog without fresh, new, unique content, the further down the rankings you will slip. Keywords are important too – but don't overstuff your content with too many keywords, so that your article ends up badly composed. Google has wised up to that trick in recent years, although it was possible to stuff keywords and get on top years ago, it no longer works that way.

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